Commercial/Industrial Developments


  • Project Type: Commercial Retail Development
  • Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size: 10,300 SF Retail Space – MOD Pizza | Aspen Dental | Jersey Mike’s | Batteries Plus 1.23 Acre Site Development
  • Completed: December 2018
  • Challenges: Storm/Sanitary sewer main realignments, extremely shallow storm connection required unique stormwater detention system, very poor fill soils, utility service challenges


  • Project Type: Commercial Mini-Storage Facility
  • Location: Murphy, Oregon
  • Project Size: 19,520 SF Expansion to existing 14,750 SF facility, 1-acre site development
  • Completed: Phase I 2018 / Phase II 2019
  • Challenges: Needed to accommodate runoff from State Highway, no stormwater outlet for site required on-site retention system in poor soils, existing buildings against property lines created construction difficulties.


  • Project Type: Commercial Mini-Storage Facility
  • Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size: 10,350 SF Expansion to existing 24,000 SF facility
  • Completed: 2017
  • Challenges: Located within existing active facility, accommodation for future phases, grading challenges from existing phases.


  • Project Type: Commercial Bank
  • Location: Central Point, Oregon
  • Project Size: 3,629 SF Bank, 1.2-acre site development
  • Completed: 2017
  • Challenges: Storm drain detention/treatment system (large above grade swale)


  • Project Type: Dental Office
  • Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size: 7,054 SF building, 1.2-acre site development
  • Completed: 2017
  • Challenges: Record-breaking winter rains during construction, significant groundwater issues, public street frontage/storm drain improvements, storm detention/treatment


  • Project Type: Commercial Site Development
  • Location: Albany, Oregon
  • Project Size: 2,100 SF Starbucks, 3,600 SF Gentle Dental Office, 0.68 acre site development
  • Completed: August 2018
  • Challenges: significant right-of-way dedication requirement limited allowable parking area, extremely shallow storm drain connection, ODOT restrictions required larger than normal drive-thru stacking


  • Project Type: Dual Practice Medical Office Building (MOB)
  • Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size: 6,529 SF MOB for Audiology Associates and The Neuro Clinic, 1.0 Acre Site Development
  • Challenges: State highway access limitations, shallow groundwater levels, multi-use tenant, future development allowances

Total Performance Chiropractic & Sports Medicine

  • Project Type:  Medical Office Building (MOB)
  • Location:  Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size:  2,608 SF Building Expansion – 0.32 acre site redevelopment
  • Completed: 2020
  • Challenges:  Existing public storm drain main adjacent to building expansion, large grade change across building pad within limited footprint, active chiropractic practice during construction, limited parking area, active ODOT intersection project at driveway.

The Flying Lark – Grants Pass Entertainment Venue

  • Project Type:  Entertainment Facility/Restaurant
  • Location:  Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size:  37,000 SF building, 5.5 acre site development
  • Completed:  2021
  • Challenges:  Adult/gambling use and gaming approval from the Oregon Racing Commission has been politically problematic, drainage limitations required deep bore across busy roadway to avoid buried creek channel, area shared with multiple uses that are open during construction (YMCA/Dutch Bros. Soccer Complex/Grants Pass Downs Racetrack/Josephine County Fairgrounds), relocation of River City BMX Track, significant roadway improvements, design changes/additions during construction.

Starbucks with Drive Thru – White City, OR

  • Project Type: Restaurant/Coffee Drive-Thru
  • Location: White City, Oregon
  • Project Size: 2,000 SF Building – 0.70 acre site development
  • Completed: 2020
  • Challenges: Property Line Adjustment, located in active shopping center, on-site shared well/fires suppression system modifications, creek/riparian setback limitations, highway improvements

River City BMX Track Relocation

  • Project Type: Commercial BMX Racetrack and Parking Improvements
  • Location:  Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size:  5.34 acre site redevelopment
  • Completed:  Phase I (2021), Phase II (under construction)
  • Challenges:  Track was forced to relocate due to a large development at the previous track location and due to the proposed use, only a few sites were zoned correctly for the use. Worked with a professional track designer to accommodate the fill soils, significant grade changes, and temporary and permanent ADA accessibility constraints. BMX organization is fundraising to complete the permanent parking improvements.

Grants Pass Oil Stop

  • Project Type: Commercial Oil/Lube/Car Wash Facility
  • Location:  Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size:  1,726 SF Oil/Lube Building 4,756 SF Car Wash – 1.46 acre site development
  • Completed:  2022 (Under Construction)
  • Challenges:  Large drainage channel bisected the property requiring large diameter piping and environmental permitting, access limitations, storm water pre-treatment, planning variance, poor fill soils, power transmission line conflicts

Dutch Bros. Roaster Expansion

  • Project Type: Light Industrial
  • Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Project Size: 16,000 SF Building – 2.18 Acre Site Development
  • Completed: 2020
  • Challenges: Second phase of original development, significant grade changes/retaining walls, community sewer system limitations, active business on site supplies all Dutch Bros. coffee to stands throughout the Country.

Abby’s Pizza Expansion/Remodel – Newberg, OR

  • Project Type: Restaurant Expansion/Remodel
  • Location: Newberg, OR
  • Project Size: 3,850 SF Remodel / 720 SF Expansion – 0.79 acre site redevelopment
  • Completed: 2020
  • Challenges: Maintaining restaurant operations during construction, implementation of new company wide branding scheme, fire protection/ADA bathroom upgrades, poor subgrade soils

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